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Building a better food system together

We want you to be able to have a direct connection to the people who produce your food. We believe that empowering producers and members to maintain genuine relationships with each other brings enormous benefits to the the land the food is grown on, the people who consume it and the communities that grow from it. Together, we can build a sustainable and thriving future for Pennsylvania.

Our Impact

In 2023, Harvie put more than $4 million back into the local economy.

Delivered 82,957 boxes filled with local food.
Supported 393 small producers and growers and tried over 1,500 new products. 

Saved 1,414 plastic milk bottles from the landfill by switching to glass.
Purchased an additional $134,967 from local producers for Harvie Kitchen.


Sustainable Producers

We work with local & sustainable producers to get the best sourced, ethically grown food.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The average trip to the grocery store is 7.6 miles. At Harvie, we take that number down to 1.1 miles. That's an 85% reduction in environmental impact

Packaging Reuse & Recycling

We aim to reduce waste as much as possible. Harvie members return their box, liner, and ice packs each week for reuse and recycling

Donate & Minimize Waste

In 2023, Harvie donated 18,257 pounds of food to 412 Food Rescue.

Sourcing Standards


We prioritize purchasing from business owners who have a direct connection to your community.


We work with producers who are good stewards of their land and animals. Whenever possible we will source from farmers who use organic and regenerative growing practices.


We strive to source the best tasting, freshest, and most nutritious products. 


We’re committed to building relationships with producers that raise industry standards for transparency, living wages, diversity, equity and inclusion. 


You deserve to know everything you can about what you put on your family’s kitchen table. We always label products accurately, verify certifications and tell you everything we can about the products you purchase. 

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate, food-loving, sustainability-conscious individuals working every day to build a local food economy here in Pennsylvania. From talking with our farmers, to packing boxes full of beautiful produce, to engaging with our customers, we believe that the work we are doing is changing the way that our community eats.