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The Harvie Cheese Club

✓ Early access to a specialty cheese each week

✓ Cheese tasting notes, cooking tips, and more

✓ Discover new cheeses every week

The Harvie Cheese Club

Love the unique, small-batch, handcrafted cheese you get from Harvie? Sign up for the Harvie Cheese Club for early access to a limited, hand-selected cheese every week!

1. Each week, Katie will hand-select a cheese. Picks will be a combination of local, domestic, and imported cheeses — but always off the beaten path.  Some weeks the cheese will be showstoppers — think “cheese plate” cheeses, perfect for an in-depth tasting or a dinner party. Other weeks, cheeses will be “cooking” cheeses with a recipe and application tips. 

How it works


Couronne de Fontenay 

 Rodolphe Le Meunier

I'm ready to join

On any given day, you can find Harvie's sourcing manager, Katie Geise, roaming the warehouse and explaining to anyone who will listen the merits of a new cheese that she's discovered. By the end of the day, every employee is raving about the newest addition to our cheese line. 

This is what sparked the idea for the cheese club. We thought, why not bring this excitement and cheese-discovery straight to Harvie members?  

Join the Cheese Club

Our In-House Cheese Expert

2. Cheese club members have early access — we'll pre-load the cheese of the week into your cart so you don't have to worry about grabbing it before it sells out.

3. Shop on Harvie just like any other week. Not in the mood for soft cheese? Just remove the cheese of the week from your cart.

4. We'll send you tasting notes, the producers' story, and general fun cheese facts to wow your friends